BR 25686 Corridor Second

BR 25686 Corridor Second
BR 25686 20150307.jpg
BR Corridor Second 25686
Built By BR Wolverton
Status Static use
Number 25686
Livery Green (unlined)
Other numbers M25686, W25686, W18686
Built 1958
Diagram 146
Lot 30426
Type SK
TOPS code AA21
Seats 64 (as built)
1986 Entered preservation


The BR Mark 1 Corridor Second (SK) was the most prolific of the Mark 1 passenger stock, with more than 2,200 built. Those in the Western and Southern regions seated eight per compartment, while those on Midland and Eastern routes seated six per compartment. Early examples featured veneered walls, while later batches used formica laminates. The SKs were an early candidate for withdrawal, being replaced by Mark 2 Open, HST sets and Networker Turbo units[1][2].


Service and preservation

25686 was built at Wolverton in 1958 to Diagram 146 (AA201), Lot 30426. It entered service in the London Midland region in 1958, transferring to the Western region in June 1981. In September 1983 it was renumbered W18686[3]

25686 arrived on the SVR on 11 December 1986 from Old Oak Common. It is owned by SVR(H)[1] and is one of four such coaches converted for use as staff accommodation at Bridgnorth, where it can be seen in "George's siding" adjacent to Platform 1.

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