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This page is an attempt to compile a list of all web sites relating to the Severn Valley Railway.

SVRSevern Valley Railway Organisation

  • The official SVRSevern Valley Railway web site. Updated regularly.
  • The official SVRSevern Valley Railway web site for members, shareholders and enthusiasts. Updated regularly.
  • SVRSevern Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office. Updated periodically.
  • Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust. Updated regularly.
  • SVRA web site. Inactive, SVRA ceased to exist 2015.


Steam locomotives

Diesel locomotives


Discussion forums and social media

Facebook includes both pages ( and groups ( All Facebook pages and those groups marked (Public) listed below may be accessed without a Facebook account. Where Facebook groups are marked as (Closed), you will need to have a Facebook account and join the group to be able to see the content.

SVRSevern Valley Railway


Locomotives and other rolling stock


Photo Collections

There are too many individual or group SVRSevern Valley Railway collections on photo sharing sites to name them all. These are some of the most popular.



Local history Facebook groups

The following groups occasionally feature historical photos of the Severn Valley Railway.