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Schematic Map of the preserved SVRSevern Valley Railway

Schematic Map of the SVRSevern Valley Railway

BSicon KBHFalocal.png Bridgnorth
BSicon HSTlocal.png Eardington (Limited use)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Hampton Loade
BSicon HSTlocal.png Country Park Halt
BSicon HSTlocal.png Highley and The Engine House
BSicon HSTlocal.png Arley
BSicon WBRÜCKE+GRZqlocal.png Victoria Bridge
BSicon HSTlocal.png Northwood Halt
BSicon eABZlglocal.png Tenbury Branch (Disused)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Bewdley
BSicon eABZrflocal.png Stourport Branch (Disused)
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Bewdley Tunnel
BSicon ABZrflocal.png Connection to Network Rail
BSicon KBHFelocal.png Kidderminster

Schematic maps of the pre-closure SVRSevern Valley Railway

Map 1 - Shrewsbury to Hartlebury

BSicon STRlocal.png To Chester
BSicon DSTlocal.png Coton Hill Yard
BSicon ABZrglocal.png Crewe Jct (To Crewe)
BSicon BHFlocal.png Shrewsbury
BSicon ABZgl+llocal.png Severn Bridge Jct (To Wellington)
BSicon ABZrflocal.png Sutton Bridge Jct (To Welshpool, Craven Arms)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Berrington
BSicon HSTlocal.png Cound Halt
BSicon HSTlocal.png Cressage
BSicon DSTlocal.png Sand Pit siding at Buildwas
BSicon vSTRg+rlocal.png To Much Wenlock, Craven Arms
BSicon vBHFlocal.png Buildwas
BSicon SPLelocal.png
BSicon ABZlflocal.png Buildwas Jct (To Madeley Jct, Wellington)
BSicon DSTlocal.png Bower Yard Lime Kilns Siding
BSicon HSTlocal.png Ironbridge and Broseley
BSicon DSTlocal.png Jackfield sidings
BSicon HSTlocal.png Jackfield Halt
BSicon DSTlocal.png Maw and Co's Siding
BSicon HSTlocal.png Coalport
BSicon DSTlocal.png Coalport Brick & Tile Works Siding
BSicon HSTlocal.png Linley
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Bridgnorth Tunnel
BSicon BHFlocal.png Bridgnorth
BSicon DSTlocal.png Knowlesands Sidings
BSicon HSTlocal.png Eardington
BSicon HSTlocal.png Hampton Loade
BSicon DSTlocal.png Alveley Sidings
BSicon HSTlocal.png Alveley Halt
BSicon HSTlocal.png Highley
BSicon DSTlocal.png Kinlet Sidings
BSicon HSTlocal.png Arley
BSicon WBRÜCKE+GRZqlocal.png Victoria Bridge
BSicon HSTlocal.png Northwood Halt
BSicon ABZlglocal.png Bewdley Jct North (To Tenbury Wells, Map 2)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Bewdley
BSicon ABZlflocal.png Bewdley Jct South (To Kidderminster, Map 2)
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Mount Pleasant Tunnel
BSicon HSTlocal.png Burlish Halt
BSicon DSTlocal.png Brindley Street Siding
BSicon ABZlglocal.png Burlish Branch
BSicon BHFlocal.png Stourport
BSicon ABZrflocal.png To Stourport Power Station
BSicon DSTlocal.png Wilden Sand Siding
BSicon DSTlocal.png Leapgate Private Sidings
BSicon ABZrglocal.png Hartlebury Jct (To Kidderminster)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Hartlebury
BSicon STRlocal.png To Worcester

Map 2 - Woofferton to Kidderminster

BSicon STRlocal.png To Leominster
BSicon HSTlocal.png Woofferton
BSicon ABZlflocal.png Woofferton Jct (To Ludlow)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Easton Court
BSicon HSTlocal.png Tenbury Wells
BSicon HSTlocal.png Newnham Bridge
BSicon HSTlocal.png Neen Sollars
BSicon HSTlocal.png Cleobury Mortimer
BSicon ABZlflocal.png Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway
BSicon HSTlocal.png Wyre Forest
BSicon WBRÜCKE+GRZqlocal.png Dowles Bridge
BSicon ABZrglocal.png Bewdley Jct North (To Bridgnorth, Map 1)
BSicon BHFlocal.png Bewdley
BSicon ABZrflocal.png Bewdley Jct South (To Hartlebury, Map 1)
BSicon eHSTlocal.png Rifle Range Halt
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Bewdley Tunnel
BSicon HSTlocal.png Foley Park Halt
BSicon DSTlocal.png Foley Park sidings
BSicon DSTlocal.png H. Whitehouse's Sand Siding
BSicon ABZlglocal.png Kidderminster Shed
BSicon ABZlglocal.png Kidderminster Jct (To Hartlebury)
BSicon BHFlocal.png Kidderminster
BSicon STRlocal.png To Stourbridge Junction

Geographic map of the preserved SVRSevern Valley Railway

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BridgnorthBridgnorthEardingtonEardingtonHampton LoadeCountry Park HaltHighleyHighleyArleyArleyNorthwood HaltBewdleyKidderminsterKidderminsterSvrline-stat2.jpg
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