BR Class 09 D4100

BR Class 09 D4100
D4100 20150607.jpg
June 2015, newly re-numbered D4100
Built By BR Horwich Works
Configuration 0-6-0
Power type Diesel Electrical
Status Operational
Loco Number D4100
Other Numbers 09012
Built 1961
Designed By BR
Type Class 09
2013 Arrived on SVR
Length 29ft 3in
Weight 49t

Diesel Locomotives

D4100 is an 0-6-0 Class 09 350hp diesel electric shunting locomotive. The Class 09 is similar to the Class 08, of which the SVR has a number of examples, but having different gearing giving an increased top speed of 27.5 mph at the expense of a lower tractive effort. D4100 was one of the 26 locomotives originally built as a Class 09; later classified as Class 09/0 to distinguish them from other Class 09s which were rebuilt from Class 08s.


D4100 in main line service

D4100 was built at Horwich Works and entered BR service in September 1961 at Ashford Chart Leacon, moving to Feltham in July 1967. The locomotive was fitted with air brakes a year later before another move to Selhurst in July 1970.

In January 1974 D4100 became No 09012 under the TOPS numbering scheme.[1]

She appeared at BR Open Days at Stewarts Lane (10 April 1988) and Woking 150 (28-29 May 1988), being named as 'Dick Hardy' at the former.[2][3]

She was withdrawn on 31 July 2010.

D4100 in preservation

D4100 arrived on the SVR from Barrow Hill on 22 February 2013, having been purchased from former owner Harry Needle. The locomotive was numbered 09012 and was in departmental grey livery at the time.

Some mechanical work was undertaken, before external restoration. It saw use before restoraton was complete, however, and an early duty was to help clear the site for building the Diesel Depot in 2014. It had its 'Dick Hardy' nameplates refitted in December 2014[4] and was repainted into BR Green livery by early 2015. By June 2015, 09012 had reverted to the earlier number of D4100.

The locomotive is normally based at Kidderminster.

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