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The SVRSevern Valley Railway normally operates using a working fleet drawn from locomotives based on the railway. From time to time it has been necessary to hire in locomotives from other railways to cover shortages arising from failures or delayed overhauls.

Locomotives which have spent a period on hire at the SVRSevern Valley Railway include (potentially incomplete list):

Original owner Wheel Arrangement Class or type Number / Name Period on hire Notes
English Electric 0-6-0 Class 08 D3937 Gladys 12 May 2003[1] to 21 April 2010[2] BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 08 0-6-0DE (08769), arrived on open-ended loan from DeanWilliam Dean, Chief Locomotive Engineer of the Great Western Railway 1977-1902 Forest Diesel Association. Out of service from October 2009 awaiting vacuum brake and exhauster repairs, and later returned to DFR to undertake these.[1]
Clayton Bo-Bo Class 17 D8568 May to September 2017*
Brush Traction A1A-A1A Class 31 31466 July 2021 onwards* As cover for 33108
BRCWBirmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Bo-Bo Class 33 33108 May 2017* onwards
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Co-Co Class 37 37190 July 2020 to August 2021 Courtesy of Locomotive Services Limited, to assist on infrastructure workings. Developed a serious engine fault and became unserviceable in September 2020; left by lowloader on 2 August 2021.
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Co-Co Class 37 37688 Great Rocks 24 January 2018 to 13 February 2020* Courtesy of D05 Preservation Ltd and the Mid Norfolk Railway.
BRBritish Rail or British Railways 1Co-Co1 Class 40 40106 Atlantic Conveyor August 2018* onwards Courtesy of Class 40 Preservation Society. This locomotive has steam heating equipment. Arrived 2 August 2018 as part of a relationship with the Society that would see one of their locos with the SVRSevern Valley Railway for one season at least, with their ability to heat our coaching stock. It also covered for 37688 which was not yet able to operate vacuum braked coaches. It was intended 40106 would swap with sister 40135 but remained.[3][4]
English Electric Co-Co Class 50 50026 Indomitable April to October 2014 Hire to cover for other unavailable class 50s[5]
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Bo-Bo Class 73 73005 9 January 2004[1] to 22 April 2010[1] Hired to cover for D7633 on Permanent Way duties.[6] Out of service from October 2006 due to seized axle, left railway for repair at Eastleigh Works.[1] Later sold to GBRF and rebuilt for mainline use in 2014 as 73/9 73966.[7]
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Bo-Bo Class 73 73006 August 2004[1] to 20 October 2010[1] Arrived to join sister 73005 following overhaul. Also numbered E6006 while on the SVRSevern Valley Railway, and recorded as working the first through (engineering) train following the 2007 floods on 10 March 2008.[8] Returned to DFR[1]. Later sold to GBRF and rebuilt for mainline use in 2014 as 73/9 73967.[9]

(*) Indicates the locomotive took part in a gala during the hire period.


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