Ruston and Hornsby 165hp Diesel Shunter 11509 Alan

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Ruston and Hornsby 165hp Diesel Shunter 11509 Alan
Shunter 11509 Alan Bewdley.jpg
11509 'Alan' at Bewdley in 1984/85 (David Cooke)
Built By Ruston & Hornsby
Configuration 0-6-0
Power type Diesel Mechanical
Status Scrapped
Loco Number 11509 (fictitious)
Other Numbers Works No 414304/1957
Designed By Ruston & Hornsby
Type DM165
1980 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
Length 22ft 1in
Weight 28t

Diesel Locomotives

’Alan’ was one of a number of Ruston and Hornsby 165 h.p. diesel shunters acquired by the SVRSevern Valley Railway. It arrived in 1980 but saw limited use and was eventually cannibalised for spares. 

11509 in Service

The locomotive was built by Ruston and Hornsby of Lincoln as Works No 414304 of 1957. It was delivered new to the Patent Shaft Steelworks at Wednesbury where it remained for 23 years[1].

11509 in Preservation

The locomotive was one of four acquired from Patent Shaft, and was at the time considered the best of the bunch. It was purchased by the SVRA (South East) Branch for £1,000 and was delivered to Bridgnorth on 22 October 1980. It was repainted from its original BSCBritish Steel Corporation, or British Sugar Corporation yellow into black with an early BRBritish Rail or British Railways emblem and given the fictitious BRBritish Rail or British Railways number 11509 and red backed name plates bearing the name 'Alan'.[2] Two other members of the class saw service with BRBritish Rail or British Railways as numbers 11507/8, later D2957/8, and a number of the SVRSevern Valley Railway's Rustons were given fictitious numbers in the sequence that followed.[1]

After repainting, 11509 was despatched to Bewdley in December 1980 to be used for shunting.[3] It was also used on engineering trains, including the re-laying of Highley station in December 1984.[2] However it was not equipped with vacuum brakes which restricted its use. A plan was put in place to fit these and some preliminary work was carried out, but the job was not completed and 11509 spent a period stored out of use at various locations along the line. It was briefly put back into service after renovation at Kidderminster by a team led by Mervyn Trigg, but the arrival of more powerful Class 08 diesels rendered the Rustons redundant and by 1990 11509 was no longer in use.[4][5] The locomotive was still present on the SVRSevern Valley Railway in June 1998[1] but by summer 2000 had been cannibalised for spares in Kidderminster yard[2].

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