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BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 20 20189
Bluebell Railway Diesel Gala 02.jpg
20189 (Wikimedia Commons)
Built By Vulcan Foundry
Configuration Bo-Bo
Power type Diesel Electric
Status Operational
Loco Number 20149
Other Numbers D8189
Built 1967
Designed By English Electric
Type Class 20
1990 First preserved
2022 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway on hire
Length 46ft 9¼"
Weight 73t

Diesel Locomotives

BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 20 20189 is a Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive, otherwise known as an English Electric Type 1The British Railways classification for diesel locomotives of up to 1000 bhp. A brief description and history of the class can be found on the 20048 page.

20189 was hired by the SVRSevern Valley Railway in July 2022 and has previously appeared as a Diesel Gala Guest.

20189 in service

The locomotive was built at English Electric's Vulcan Foundry and entered service in the Nottingham Division (D16) on 21 July 1967 under its original number D8189. It was renumbered 20189 under TOPS on 1 January 1973. It was subsequently reallocated to Toton in October 1987 and was withdrawn from service on 1 September 1990.[1]

20189 in preservation

The locomotive, which is main line registered, is owned by Class 20189 Limited. Class 20189 Limited was incorporated in 2006 as Company number 05742768; as of 2024 Michael Owen is the sole Director.[2] The company also owns main line registered Class 20 locomotives 20007 and 20142 which have previously visited the SVR for Diesel galas.

Classmate 20048, also owned by Class 20189 Limited but not main line registered, had arrived on hire to the SVRSevern Valley Railway in June 2022 to help working services during the period of coal supply issues. 20189 and 20142 also arrived on hire at the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 19 July. At the time the extremely hot weather and resultant fire risk had led to all steam services being withdrawn. Three of the SVRSevern Valley Railway's resident diesels had developed faults in the extreme heat (50035, D182 and D9551) while two of the SVRSevern Valley Railway's other Class 50s were required on the main line.

20142 and 20189 both worked service AS1 in multiple on 20 July. 20189 then continued to work services solo.

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