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BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 09 09107
09107 20190514.jpg
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 09 09107
Built By BRBritish Rail or British Railways Horwich Works
Configuration 0-6-0
Power type Diesel Electrical
Status Operational
Loco Number 09107
Other Numbers 08845, D4013
Built 1961
Designed By BRBritish Rail or British Railways
Type Class 09
1993 Rebuilt as 09
2011 Withdrawn
2017 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
2019 Returned to service
Length 29ft 3in
Weight 49t

Diesel Locomotives

09107 is an 0-6-0 Class 09 350hp diesel electric shunting locomotive. The Class 09 is similar to the Class 08, of which the SVRSevern Valley Railway has a number of examples, but having different gearing giving an increased top speed of 27.5 mph at the expense of a lower tractive effort. Unlike D4100 which was built as a Class 09, 09107 was one of a batch classified as Class 09/1 to distinguish them as rebuilt from Class 08s.

09107 in service

09107 was built at Horwich Works and entered BRBritish Rail or British Railways service on 2 May 1961. Originally allocated to Laira, it also spent time at Swindon, St Blazey, Penzance, Bristol Bath Road, Ebbw Junction and Eastleigh.[1] It was renumbered from its pre-TOPSTotal Operations Processing System, an American computer system adopted by BR from the late 1960s to number and manage rolling stock. number of D4013 to 08845 on 31 December 1973. It was stored in September 1992, reinstated the following March and stored again in the May, before being rebuilt and renumbered as 09107 on 23 July 1993. [2] It was withdrawn on 31 May 2011 and sold to European Metal Reprocessing, Kingsbury on 14 September 2011.[3]

09107 in preservation

09107 arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 15 June 2017 from Kingsbury for restoration by a small group of dedicated volunteers at the Diesel Depot. It moved under its own power for the first time on 17 August 2018 and on 18 January 2019 carried out its first shunt for many a year. It carries BRBritish Rail or British Railways Blue livery.[4]

In late 2022 a top end engine overhaul was undertaken in Kidderminster TMD. It was completed in late 2023, in time for a period of hire to Telford Steam RailwayTelford Horsehay Steam Trust Limited, a Charitable heritage railway located at Horsehay, Telford with proposals for running heritage trains into the Ironbridge Gorge and onto the former GWR Severn Valley branch..

Although not designed for such use, its ability to operate at line speed means that from time to time it operates, either singly or with D4100, on booked shuttle workings at Diesel galas or as a 'Thunderbird' rescue locomotive.

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