LNER 43612 Open Third

LNER 43612 Open Third
LNER 43612 20150307.jpg
LNER Open Third 43612
Built By LNER York
Status Overhaul
Number 43612
Other numbers 13366, E13366E, 042197
Built 1934
Designed By Gresley
Diagram 186
Lot 559
Type TTO
Length 61ft 6in
Weight 31t 0cwt
Seats 64 third
1979 Preserved on SVR
2022- Overhaul


LNER Gresley Open Third (TO) No 43612 was built at York in 1934.



It was renumbered 13366 as part of the LNER's 1943 re-numbering scheme. On Nationalisation in 1947, BR initially allocated an E prefix to indicate its LNER origin, with a further re-numbering to E13366E after 1951.[1]

It was withdrawn from BR service and transferred to Internal User stock in May 1962 as a staff coach, receiving the number 042197.[2] It was used as an office until condemned in 1977.


43612 came to the SVR from Norwich on 1 March 1979. For some years thereafter it was owned by Messrs. Gardner Shaw,[3] a Brierley Hill soft drinks firm, although by 1998 it had been acquired by SVR(H).[4]

Following a lengthy and comprehensive restoration at Bridgnorth and Kidderminster, the carriage first appeared in traffic in September 1996.

Early in 2016 ownership was transferred to the SVR Charitable trust. It was scheduled for overhaul at Kidderminster Carriage Works in 2017. In the event it entered Bewdley paint shop in January 2022 for general repairs, having been out of traffic for a few years due to a leaky roof and poor bodywork. It’s on accommodation bogies so that its own can be mechanically overhauled in Kidderminster.[5]

It's hoped that minimal structural work will be needed. However the roof canvass dates from the mid-1980s and not surprisingly a new one will be required, together with routine work to ensure that the roof planks are firmly attached to the framework. The 16 tables fitted as part of its 1996 overhaul were, for reasons of cost, not of a standard railway type and are now life expired, so a replacement set was on order, this time following the original robust LNER design that has been successfully used since 1997 in the other 3 SVR based TTOs.

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