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This page lists those items of rolling stock actively being restored for use as of August 2017.
Locations and dates are based on the best available information, although vehicles may occasionally be temporarily moved to make way for members of the running fleet in need of running repairs and completion dates can be subject to delay.
While the title refers to the vehicles as being under restoration, many could more correctly be described as undergoing overhaul. For example, 4150 is the only steam locomotive being restored from scrapyard condition after a period of disuse, all the others were withdrawn from service for the purpose of overhaul.

Steam locomotives Location Completion due Notes
GWR Large Prairie 4150 Bewdley Down Yard Boiler due to be moved to Bridgnorth for repair in late 2017
GWR 4930 Hagley Hall Bridgnorth Loco Works 2020
LMS Stanier Mogul 42968 Bridgnorth Loco Works Late 2018
BR Riddles 4MT 75069 Bridgnorth Loco Works Late 2017
MW 2047 Warwickshire Bridgnorth Loco Works May move to Bewdley in place of 4150
Diesel locomotives Location Completion due Notes
BR Class 09 09107 Kidderminster Diesel Depot
BR Class 27 D5410 Cranmore, East Somerset Railway
BR Class 35 D7029 Kidderminster Diesel Depot
BR Class 42 D821 Greyhound Kidderminster Diesel Depot
BR Class 50 50044 Exeter Kidderminster Diesel Depot 2017
BR Class 52 D1013 Western Ranger Bridgnorth 2018
Carriages Location Completion due Notes
GWR 2119 Full Third Bewdley Down Yard
GWR 5043 Full Third Bewdley Down Yard In use as workshop. As of May 2017 at the early stages of restoration to Wheelchair/Buffet with the underframe being cleaned and painted.
GWR 6045 Bow-end Composite Bewdley Down Yard
GWR 9615 Kitchen Diner First Bewdley Down Yard
LMS Brake Third Corridor 26921 Bridgnorth Long term Project
Barry Railway Carriage 163 Hampton Loade
GWR 9654 Restaurant Third Kidderminster Carriage Repair Works
LMS 2886 Six-wheel Passenger Brake (later 32919) Kidderminster Carriage Repair Works
BR 4399 Tourist Standard Open Bridgnorth Undergoing restoration and modification to include disabled access
BR 16169 Composite Corridor Kidderminster Carriage Repair Works As of June 2017 welding of ends and one side completed
Wagons Location Completion due Notes
GWR 66 Breakdown Tool Van Hampton Loade
GWR 17410 'Toad' 20T Goods Brake Van Bewdley Down Yard 2018
GWR 68501 'Toad' 20T Goods Brake Van Bewdley Down Yard November 2017 Inside goods shed
GWR 39860 'Conflat' Container Wagon Bewdley Down Yard 2017
SE&CR Open Goods Wagon 12522 Bewdley Down Yard 2017
GWR 95353 Mink 'A' Covered Goods Van Kidderminster
GWR 143 Tool & Packing Van Bewdley Down Yard 2017

In addition to those listed above, there are two new build locomotives currently under construction on the SVRSevern Valley Railway; BR 3MT 82045 and Catch Me Who Can, both outside and visible from the public area at Bridgnorth Loco Works.

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