GWR 6913 Brake Composite

GWR 6913 Brake Composite
GWR E148 BCK 6913 at Kidderminster.jpg
GWR 6913 Brake Composite
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 6913
Other numbers 079134, 99240
Built 1934
Designed By Collett
Diagram E148
Lot 1508
Type BCK
Length 57ft 0in
Weight 30t 9cwt
Seats 12 first, 32 third
1974 Preserved on SVR


GWR Brake Composite (BCK) 6913 was built at Swindon in July 1934 as lot number 1508 to diagram E148. The term ‘composite’ refers to a carriage having more than one class of seating, in this case two first class and four third class compartments. A lavatory was also included, allowing only space for a cramped guard’s compartment with no separate luggage area. The overall design no longer included the ‘bow-ends’, which Collett discontinued in 1933.

After passenger service, 6913 was later numbered 079134 and 99240. The former number signified Departmental Coaching stock within the Western Region that did not normally move or had its movements confined to a particular depot or yard. The latter number signifying hauled non-passenger carrying use.

6913 arrived on the SVR in December 1974 from Radyr, where it had been in Engineer’s use as a sleeping van. It was restored to use by 1979 and was one of three SVR coaches which attended the Rocket 150 celebrations at Rainhill in May 1980. It later gained main-line status in 1985, seeing use in the Great Western 150 celebrations.

6913 is normally used in the Severn Valley Limited dining set (Set S), and is finished in GWR 1928-34 chocolate and cream livery featuring the ‘coat of arms’ logo. It is owned by The Great Western (SVR) Association.

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