BR 34754 Brake Corridor Second

BR 34754 Brake Corridor Second
BR 34754 20150307.jpg
BR Brake Corridor Second 34754
Built By BR Wolverton
Status In service
Number DB975128
Livery Maroon (unlined)
Other numbers W34754, E34754, ADB975127
Built 1955
Diagram 182
Lot 30157
Type BSK
TOPS code AB21 (as built)
Seats N/A (24 standard as built)
1997 Arrived on SVR


The BR Mark 1 Brake Second Corridor (BSK) seats 24 passengers in 4 compartments. The Guard's area which occupies around half the carriage includes a large luggage compartment.


34754 in service and preservation

B34754 was built at Wolverton in 1955 to Diagram 182 (AB21), Lot 30157. It began service in the Western region in May 1956, moving to the Eastern region in September 1968. In January 1973 it was converted for Departmental use as a breakdown mess & tool van at Cambridge, receiving the Departmental number ADB 975127.[1]

34754 arrived on the SVR on 17 November 1997 from Peterborough.[2] The body of this coach was put on the bogies of coach 34414 (the body of 34414 was scrapped). It carries the Departmental number DB 975128 (ADB 975128 being the number originally carried by 34414)[3], and is owned by The SVR Permanent Way Fund‏‎‏‎, who restored and converted it to a driving trailer with 'Blue Star' multiple working equipment and driving desk fitted, with the intention it could be used to drive with the train locomotive at the rear. In practice that has not happened, and it sees use as the Civil Engineers' Mess and Tool Van.

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