BR 34606 Brake Corridor Second

BR 34606 Brake Corridor Second
BR 34606 GarethPrice.JPG
BR 34606 (Photo: Gareth Price)
Built By Gloucester
Status In service
Number DB975481
Livery Maroon (unlined)
Other numbers E34606, ADB975481
Built 1955
Diagram 181
Lot 30141
Type BSK
TOPS code AB21 (as built)
Seats None (24 standard as built)
2012 Arrived on SVR


The BR Mark 1 Brake Second Corridor (BSK) seats 24 passengers in 4 compartments. The Guard's area which occupies around half the carriage includes a large luggage compartment.


34606 in service and preservation

34606 was built at Gloucester in 1955 to Diagram 181 (AB201), Lot 30141. It entered service in the Eastern region in May 1955. In April 1977 it was transferred into Departmental use as a BTU Tool & Generator van and given the Departmental number ADB 975481. It left service circa March 2010.[1]

34606 arrived on the SVR in 2012 from the Great Central Railway, having been purchased by SVR(H). It is converted with roller shutter doors and is used in conjunction with the Santa services, for which it is normally located in the bay platform opposite Kidderminster Railway Museum as seen in the photograph. At other times it is normally stored in or around the carriage shed. It carries the later Departmental number but without the 'A' prefix which denoted use by the Mechanical & Electrical Engineers department.

It operated with visiting Saphos coaches to form part of the air-braked stock set for the 2024 Spring Diesel Festival.

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