BR 21254 Brake Composite Corridor

BR 21254 Brake Composite Corridor
BR 21254 20150307.jpg
BR Brake Composite Corridor 21254
Built By BR Derby
Status In service
Number E21254
Livery BR Maroon
Other numbers NE21254
Built 1963
Diagram 171
Lot 30731
Type BCK
TOPS code AB31
Seats 12 first, 18 standard
1981 Preserved on SVR


21254 is a BR Mk 1 Brake Corridor Composite (BCK) carriage, having two first class and three second class compartments as well as a small guard's compartment. Only 276 of this type were built; they were often used on overnight sleeper trains.[1]


Service and preservation

21254 was built at Derby in 1963 to Diagram 171 (AB301), Lot 30731. It entered service in the Eastern region in February 1964, where it remained apart from an allocation to the Northeast region between July 1966 and January 1968.[2] Prior to withdrawal from service in 1981 it was noted in use on the "Night Scotsman" services into Kings Cross. It arrived on the SVR on 21 August 1981 from Bounds Green, having been purchased by a trustee of The Erlestoke Manor Fund.[1]

In May 2017 it was undergoing restoration with all 10 doors, including locks, serviced, plus a full repaint.[3]

It was photographed in March 2015 as part of the BR Maroon set.

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