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Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS) comprised goods vans and similar vehicles which were equipped to be included in passenger services. Typically, this would require:

  • Suspension suitable for working at higher speeds
  • A longer wheelbase and larger wheels than comparable 'goods' rated stock
  • Continuous brakes
  • Through steam-heating pipe

NPCCS was normally used for 'premium' type goods which required fast delivery. These included:

  • Coaches dedicated wholly to guard's use plus passenger luggage
  • Parcels and mails
  • Perishable goods, including fruit and dairy products
  • Motor-cars carried for individuals, rather than 'trade'.
  • Horses and other categories of livestock

GWRGreat Western Railway NPCCS vehicles were normally painted plain brown rather than the normal 'chocolate and cream' and were thus known as "brown vehicles".[1]

Classes of NPCCS found on the SVRSevern Valley Railway include:

  • BG / BGP / BGZ: Brake Gangwayed coach (also known as a Full Brake) having a guard's compartment in the centre and two large areas either side for storing luggage or other goods. The suffix P indicated a Pigeon Van. The suffix Z indicates a 6-wheeled vehicle.
  • POS: Post Office Sorting Van (also known as a Travelling Post Office or 'TPOTravelling Post Office')
  • GUVGeneral Utility Van, formerly used to transport mail and parcels: General Utility Van
  • PMVG / PMVY: Parcels and Miscellaneous Van
  • HBY: Horse Box
  • MTZ: Milk Tanker

See also


  1. Wikipedia: Coaches of the Great Western Railway


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