LMS Stanier Class 5 45000

LMS Stanier Class 5 45000
45000 20110924.jpg
LMS 5000 at the NRM, York (2011)
Built By LMS, Crewe
Configuration 4-6-0
BR rating 5MT
Status National Collection exhibit
Loco Number 45000
Other Numbers LMS 5000
Built 1935
Designed By William Stanier
Type 5MT Black Five
1967 Selected for the National Collection following withdrawal
1977 Arrived on the SVR for restoration
1979 Entered service
1989 Withdrawn from service
1991 Returned to the NRM
Length 63ft 7¾"
Weight 72t 4cwt
Tractive effort 25,455 lb
Pressure 225 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

45000 (LMS 5000) was resident on the SVR between 1977 and 1991.



LMS No 5000 was the first ‘Black 5’ built by Crewe, although it was preceded into service by No 5020 built by the Vulcan Foundry who also built the SVR’s 45110. 5000 entered service in March 1935, being renumbered as 45000 by BR in 1949. Its working life was mostly based around Crewe, until being withdrawn from service by BR at Lostock Hall in October 1967.


Black 5s, like most locomotives, were frequently modified during their working life. On withdrawal, 45000 was chosen to be included in the National Collection as the only surviving example with its original short firebox and domeless boiler.


45000 arrived at the SVR on loan from the National Railway Museum on 19 November 1977, with the intention of being restored for main line working. Stripping the locomotive began straight away, the first task being to empty several barrow loads of ash from the smokebox left over from the last steaming 10 years earlier. However pressure of work on other SVR locomotives then delayed serious progress until late 1978, with the boiler being lifted by the 30 ton steam crane in Christmas week. The boiler work required complete replacement of all 21 big and 136 small tubes plus renewal of a number of firebox stays. This was completed in time for the boiler to be reinstalled on Easter Saturday, 14 April 1979. A rail tour planned for June of that year led to much ‘burning of the midnight oil’, an example of which being that 5000 moved under her own power for the first time at 1.00am on Saturday 28 April.

The restoration was duly completed and the locomotive entered service in LMS livery as No 5000, moving light engine to Hereford on 1 June 1979 in time to work a rail tour the following day[1]. The SVR later won the 1979 ARPS award for restoring 5 locomotives in the year including LMS 5000.[2]

SVR service

LMS 5000 at Rainhill in 1980 (Wikimedia Commons)
45000 took part in the grand parade at the Rocket 150 celebrations at Rainhill in May 1980. Other main line working was carried out from Steam Centres around the country, including the Bulmers Railway Centre at Hereford. Between 1979 and 1988 the locomotive accumulated 34,774 miles on the SVR and in the course of some 20+ rail tours on the main line. Mileage by year was as follows:
Year Mileage
1979 1,650
1980 3,130
1981 2,857
1982 2,936
1983 4,551
1984 5,584
1985 277
1986 2,692
1987 6,462
1988 4,635
Total 34,774

A potentially incomplete listing of main line tours is as follows:

Date Tour name Route Notes Web SVR News
2 June 1979 The Midlander Hereford-Shrewsbury-Hereford-Newport-Hereford SBJ]
22 Sep 1979 The Inter-City Hereford - Chester - Hereford D/H with 4930 Hagley Hall SBJ
19 Apr 1980 The Black Countryman Hereford - Shrewsbury - Chester - Manchester Victoria D/H with 80079 SBJ
22 June 1980 Steam 150 Manchester Victoria – Liverpool Edge Hill + return 56-12, 57-9
11 Oct 1980 The Welsh Dragon Shrewsbury - Hereford - Newport - Hereford D/H with 43106 SBJ
07 Feb 1981 Welsh Marches Express Hereford - Newport - Hereford SBJ
07 Mar 1981 Welsh Marches Express Hereford - Newport - Hereford SBJ
01 Aug 1981 ? Failed at Shrewsbury with hot box 61-8
30 Jan 1982 Welsh Marches Pullman Shrewsbury - Hereford SBJ
13 Mar 1982 Welsh Marches Pullman Hereford - Newport - Hereford(?) SBJ
20 Mar 1982 Welsh Marches Express Hereford - Newport - Hereford D/H with 4930 Hagley Hall SBJ
23 Oct 1982 Welsh Marches Pullman Hereford(?) - Shrewsbury - Ludlow - Chester SBJ
06 Nov 1982 Welsh Marches Pullman Chester - Shrewsbury SBJ
05 Mar 1983 Welsh Marches Pullman Hereford(?) - Chester SBJ
05 Mar 1983 The Deeside Venturer (?) Chester - Hull(?) SBJ
04 Apr 1983 The Yorkshire Pullman  ? - Scarborough - ? SBJ
14 May 1983 Humber Venturer Hull - Leeds - Chester SBJ
14 May 1983 Welsh Marches Pullman Chester - Shrewsbury SBJ
11 June 1983 45000 hauled a main line ten coach train of Brunel Society passengers. The route included the goods-only branch from Wapping Dock to Ashton Junction. 69

During her time at the SVR, LMS 5000 was sometimes described as Chief Engineer Alun Rees's "personal locomotive",[3] with sister locomotive 45110 becoming "the Company Black 5". In summer 1982 the locomotive was briefly withdrawn from service while a 2ft 6in crack in the steel firebox door plate was repaired.

The locomotive failed a steam test at the start of the 1989 season,[4] and was returned to the NRM in the spring of 1991.[5] It can normally be seen on display at Locomotion (the NRM museum at Shildon) or the NRM at York.[6]

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