Foley Park Halt

Foley Park Halt

Extract from 1951 OS Map showing Foley Park Halt

Foley Park Halt was located between Kidderminster and Bewdley and opened on 2 January 1905. It was located next to Stourport Road Bridge; originally situated on the South side of the line but later moved to the North side when Foley Park sidings were opened in 1925. The extract from Ordnance Survey Map SO87, surveyed 1938 - 1949, published 1951, shows the later location.

The halt was initially served by a steam railmotor service which began the same day, lasting until 1918.

A letter from the GWR to the Board of Trade, dated 24 December 1904, requests the Board to provisionally sanction the work being carried out on the new "stopping place for rail motor cars".
On 29 April 1905, Major I.W.Pringle inspected the "calling place for motor car service" at Foley ark and the similar platform at Rifle Range Halt and recommended the Board of Trade to approve their use.[1]

The halt closed on 6 January 1970 when passenger services ceased between Bewdley and Kidderminster. Little or no trace of the halt is visible today.

Historic maps of Foley Park Halt

  • Original GWR plan showing the halt to the north of the line.


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