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‘Peep Behind the Scenes’ was an annual event held between 2010 and 2017.[1]

An additional charge (£5.00) was applied on the day for a wristband allowing access to areas normally closed to the public. These included the Kidderminster Carriage Repair Works, the Diesel Depot, Kidderminster Carriage Shed, Kidderminster signal box, Bewdley North signal box, Bewdley Yard including the Carriage & Wagon Department and No 4150, Bridgnorth MPD and Bridgnorth signal box.

Other events offering behind the scenes access are the Open House Weekend and its predecessor Members & Shareholders Weekend.

The 4150 Fund 2010-2016

The 4150 Fund organised ‘Peep Behind the Scenes’ between 2010 and 2016 as their major fundraising event, with proceeds from the sale of wristbands going towards the restoration of 4150. In its 2017 newsletter the 4150 Fund announced that the Charitable Trust was taking over as organisers from the 2017 event.[2]

SVRSevern Valley Railway Charitable Trust 2017

New attractions in the Trust's first ‘Peep Behind the Scenes’ were access to the footplates of LMR 600 Gordon and 80079 in the Engine House and rides on Wickham Trolley 748 at Highley. Proceeds from the sale of ‘Peep’ wristbands came to well over £2,500, and there were plenty more donations made directly to individual restoration projects.[3]

The event has not been held since 2017.

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Information on the 2015 event on
Downloadable 2015 leaflet
Downloadable 2016 leaflet