Other rolling stock visiting the SVR

This page gives details of miscellaneous items of rolling stock that have visited the SVR. Listing is incomplete.



  • GTRM Autoballaster comprising 9 KPA bogie hopper wagons plus a KOA 'Piggyback' lorry transporter wagon, with EWS Class 66 66074[1].


  • Parry People Mover: original PPM 50 prototype for testing. Also visited in 2020 and 2021, see below.


  • Track Gopher: Provided on loan by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to help recover from the 2007 storm damage[2].


  • DR 73309 Plasser & Theurer 07-275 Switch & Crossing Tamper. Used in repairs at Sterns and elsewhere. Seen leaving Kidderminster by low loader in this video


  • DR 73913: Plasser and Theurer Switch and Crossing Tamper. Property of Colas rail, the tamper was used in the relaying of a section of track near Waterworks Crossing.
  • 6224: Matisa R7 Ballast Regulator. Owned by B&R Track Services. A Ballast Regulator is used to sweep excess ballast from the track.
  • GBRf biomass hoppers: Five GBRf biomass hoppers visited the SVR during July for PR purposes. The hoppers, which are normally used for transporting biomass such as wood pellets to power stations, were numbers 83 70 6955 326-6, 83 70 6955 342-3, 37 70 6955 222-4, 37 70 6955 251-3 and 37 70 6955 272-9 (pictured).
  • PSL 193 'Plimsoll' : Mark Saville’s 1957 Series 1 2-litre petrol Land Rover, capable of running on road and rails, made a return trip between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster on 12 August. The rail wheels are custom made from LM25 aluminium/magnesium alloy and take around an hour to fit.
  • Loram CRG(01) Corrective Rail Grinder: This Network Rail rail grinder arrived on the SVR on 23 October 2017. The 4 vehicles making up the unit are sequentially numbered DR 79301, DR 79302, DR 79303 and DR 79304. Pictured at Highley, DR 79304 nearest the camera.


  • DR 73309 Plasser & Theurer 07-275 Switch & Crossing Tamper. Used in winter 2017-18 infrastructure work at County Boundary and elsewhere. Also visited in 2014.
  • "Cavell Van" SE&CR 132: This van was used in 1919 to bring back the body of nurse Edith Cavell from Belgium where she helped 200 Prisoners of War escape before being caught and executed. It was displayed at Arley to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War 1.
  • GBRf IIA hoppers: Three GBRf IIA hoppers took part in the 2018 Goods Gala in June 2018. The hoppers, which are used to transport Silica sand for the glass industry,[3] were numbers 8170 0659 032-4, 8170 0659 028-2 and 8170 0659 030-8 (pictured).
  • PSL 193 'Plimsoll' : Mark Saville’s 1957 Series 1 Land Rover which first visited in 2017 made another return trip between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster on 12 August.


  • Loram Rail Grinder on 2 April for training and also improving rail conditions in the process.[4] The 4 vehicles are sequentially numbered DR 79401, DR 79402, DR 79403 and DR 79404 (nearest the camera). A similar unit visited in October 2017 as listed above.
  • GBRf IIA hoppers: Three further GBRf IIA hoppers, as described in 2018 above, visited in June 2019 for a charter event. On this occasion the hoppers were numbers 8070 0659 011-8, 8070 0659 032-4 and 8070 0659 013-4.
  • Osprey flat wagons: 18 wagons, with Sibelco sand hoppers, visited the SVR in June 2019, used to deliver a large quantity of rail.[5]
  • PSL 193 'Plimsoll' : Mark Saville’s 1957 Series 1 Land Rover which visited in 2017 and 2018 made another return trip between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster during the Classic Vehicle Day on 31 August.
  • Mark 3 sleepers and other carriages: In November 2019 a number of Mark 3 Sleepers and other Mark 3 carriages arrived on the SVR as part of a storage contract with Locomotive Services Limited. They are generally stored alongside Kidderminster Carriage Shed (as pictured on 23 April 2021) but from time to time have been moved to other sidings on the Railway, including at Highley and Arley, for operational reasons. As of December 2021 the 12 vehicles at Kidderminster were ex-Caledonian Sleepers Nos. 10504, 10513, 10648, 10650, 10675 and 10683 and ex-First Great Western carriages Nos 40106, 40808, 41149, 42319, 42583 and 46012.


  • Parry People Mover: In April 2019 Parry People Movers announced plans to upgrade the original PPM 50 prototype ('Car 12') and seek approval for its entry into passenger service as ‘No 139000’.[6] It was delivered to the SVR in February 2020 for testing,[7] leaving later in the year.
  • DR 73309 Plasser & Theurer 07-275 Switch & Crossing Tamper. Arrived on hire July 2020. Previously hired in 2014 and 2018.


  • Parry People Mover: PPM 50 prototype 'Car 12' returned to the SVR for testing. Unfortunately, during tests its flywheel was damaged, and it was subsequently stored awaiting collection by the owner. In 2023 it was 'tagged' at Highley by vandals.
  • Bayer Environmental Science's Smart Weed System Train 1 with GBRf 66709 'Sorrento' and 66771 'Amanda' for testing in June and July 2021[8]. It revisited in November and December 2021, delivered by a pair of Class 20s.[9]
  • BR Class 43 (HST) Power Cars: Five HST Power Cars, numbers 43251/43257/43272/43274/43277, arrived by rail as part of a storage contract with Colas Rail. The first three to arrive (pictured) were accompanied by 43044 which left by road for the Nottingham Heritage Railway at Ruddington. All five were moved to the yard at Arley shortly after arrival. 43272 and 43274 moved to Derby by rail under their own power on 9 September 2021[10]. 43257 & 43251 were collected by Colas Rail's Class 37 37116 on 13 October. The final power car, 43277, was moved from Arley to Highley for further stabling on 11 November 2021, to make room for Santa operations set up at Arley.[11] It left on 10 December 2021, being collected by 43272[12].
  • PSL 193 'Plimsoll' : revisited during the Vintage Transport Extravaganza on 7 and 8 August.
  • YRP 38t Rectank 909069 (ADB909069, internal user 060973) adapted to carry class 50 power unit. On loan to the Class 50 Alliance Limited from Devon Diesel Society/South Devon Railway.


  • Bayer Environmental Science's Smart Weed System Trains 2 and 3 were delivered on 4 February by 66779 ‘Evening Star’, for testing.
  • Tamping machine 99709 908014-2 T204 hired from Trackwork of Doncaster, arrived 15 March.
  • HYA bogie hopper wagons 371098 and 371112 visited in March with locomotives 69002 'Sir Bob Tiller CM&EE' and 66796 'The Green Progressor' for GBRf and Network Rail corporate days.
  • Liebherr 0960 Road Rail Vehicle 99709 940617-2 hired from Story in August 2022 for cropping scrap rail[13].
  • PSL 193 'Plimsoll' : Mark Saville’s 1957 Series 1 2-litre petrol Land Rover made a return visit on 3 September for the 'Purple Weekend'


  • In March two Rail Adventure Class 43 power cars briefly visited the TMD to undertake a compressor change.
  • On 5 May Rail Adventure Class 43 power cars 43186 and 43188 delivered wagons 80 2797 018-4, 80 2797 017-6 and 80 4737 025-3 to the TMD for contract examination and storage. The wagons left by rail on 22 June.
  • On 22 June four Meridian Generic Rail Limited 'Universal Barrier Vehicles' were noted stored adjacent to Sandbourne Viaduct. The vehicle ID's are 96602 'Henry', 96603 'Oliver', 96605 'Ernest' and 96607 'Philip' (example full ID 96 70 GB-MGRL 0096607-7)[14].
  • Network Rail's BR Class 73 Bo-Bo 73951 Malcolm Brinded and 73952 Janis Kong were on display at the 2023 Spring Diesel Festival before being de-named and stored under contract, pending their later sale to Harry Needle Railroad Company. They left the SVR on 12 January 2024 by rail.[15]
  • On 1 September four Rail Adventure Class 43 power cars brought two further barrier wagons for storage. Two power cars underwent paid contract work using the C&W inspection pit and TMD facilities.
  • The same month an ex-BR tube wagon was delivered to Kidderminster Carriage & Wagon yard for contract refurbishment and to enable it to carry movement sensors and monitoring equipment.
  • October brought SB Rail's Plasser & Theurer Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic Tamper 99 70 9123 012-5 (DR 75012), hopefully the start of regular training visits by SB Rail to the SVR.
  • From 11 October Harsco Rail’s YZA Plain Line Stoneblower 99 70 9426 020-2 (DR80207). Visit planned for an extended period of mainline staff training, with the simultaneous benefit to the SVR of its track being maintained.
  • In November recommissioned Class 43 power cars visited the TMD, 43306 & 43320 heading for export, hauling 43307 & 43316. Also, TXM Plant brought a Road Railer with flail attachment as part of a training course for new operators.
  • December saw eight Rail Adventure Class 43s on site with a further four continental wagons and six wagons to complement the four barrier vehicles: subsequent frequent moves saw some depart the railway for export and to move rolling stock. Two Class 20s arrived from Peak Forest, one going into the Carriage Works for the contract repaint. The six wagons were for storage.


  • Three Network Rail/Bayer weedkilling trains operated by Envu and GB Railfreight underwent contract maintenance and testing between Bewdley and Kidderminster.[16] On 12 February 66720 moved a weedkilling train from Kidderminster SVR.[17]
  • On 5 March further Class 43 power cars 43423 and 43467 operated on test working Kidderminster SVR to Leamington Spa and return.
  • During March and April 2024, Colas Rail's new Plasser & Theurer Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic Tampers DR75016 and DR75017 arrived, to undergo commissioning.[18]
  • On 25 April Romic Consultancy's former Cross Country Mark 3s 42097, 42376, 44012 and 45003 moved to the SVR hauled by Class 43s 43301 and 43303 for initial storage, then use at the Diesel gala, before planned test running of Midland Main Line electrification and hoped for similar operations[19].

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