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GWR Corridor Composite 7284 is a late Collett-era design, built in 1941. It was first restored in 1971 and in the mid-1970s formed part of the SVR's GWR rake of carriages used on the main line. It has seen regular service since but was withdrawn for repairs in mid-May 2020. (Full article...)
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For 101 years between 1862 and 1963, the Severn Valley Railway formed part of the national railway network, running for 40 miles between Hartlebury and Shrewsbury. Established as a separate company, it was mainly operated by the Great Western Railway (GWR) and later by British Railways (BR).

The present day Severn Valley Railway (SVR) was established in 1965 to preserve part of the line as a heritage railway. Today it has six stations and two halts and runs for 16 miles along the Severn Valley between Bridgnorth in Shropshire and Kidderminster in Worcestershire, following the course of the River Severn for much of its route. Train services are hauled predominantly by steam locomotives, regularly supplemented by a diesel multiple unit and diesel locomotive hauled trains.

This unofficial website is a project aimed to collect information and record events relating to the SVR, both past and present.

For timetables, fare information, and news about special events, please visit the SVR Official Website. Other news and information of interest to members, shareholders and enthusiasts can be found on SVRLive.

From March 2020 the SVR is closed until the end of July due to the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The SVR has launched a Fight Back Fund to help the Railway through this emergency; details may be found here. The King and Castle pub at Kidderminster and the Railwayman's Arms pub at Bridgnorth reopened on 4 July. Passenger services will restart on 1 August; tickets must be purchased in advance. Details may be found on the SVR Official Website here.

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Unsurprisingly, there are a large number of questions about the SVR, both in pre-preservation days and for a number of historical items since then. Take a visit down to Query Corner to see if you have a recollection relating to some long forgotten event, or know of a reliable source (maybe an early edition of the SVR News?) that might have the information we need!

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