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On June 1 in SVRSevern Valley Railway history.

  • 1868 Eardington Station opened.[1]
  • 1869 Wyre Forest Station opened.[2]
  • 1878 The Kidderminster Loop Line opened.[3]
  • 1895 The original footbridge outside Bridgnorth Station opened to the public.[4]
  • 1967 Contracts were exchanged between BRBritish Rail or British Railways and the SVRSevern Valley Railway for the purchase of the line between Bridgnorth and Alveley Sidings.[5]
  • 1987 7819 Hinton Manor and 75069 returned to the SVRSevern Valley Railway following the first part of that year's Cardigan Bay Express season.[6]
  • 1989 The Bridgnorth Footbridge Trust was registered as a charity, with the aim of building a replacement footbridge outside Bridgnorth Station.
  • 1996 The SVRSevern Valley Railway had received a fax in February asking if the SVRSevern Valley Railway did 'Thomas' weekends. Assured that they did, Mr Chee with his wife and young son had traveled from Malaysia to attend the weekend's event.[7]
  • 2011 The SVRSevern Valley Railway ran a special train with proceeds going to help the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway recover from two embankment collapses.

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