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OSOrdnance Survey map of Kidderminster bottom yard in 1938

The bottom yard at Kidderminster (the area now mainly occupied by Kidderminster Carriage Shed) was enlarged in 1943, at the height of the Second World War. Two sidings for Wagon Repairs Limited were added as well as three new marshalling yard sidings.[1]

The map extract (right) shows the layout of the bottom yard in 1938 with Kidderminster Footbridge ("the Wooden Bridge") at the top. The small building next to the lines leading into the sidings (level with the words "Football Ground") was the Shunters' Cabin. In 1943 the old Cabin was demolished and a new one built nearer to the Wooden Bridge (which is still present in the Diesel Depot). This allowed the two sidings to be built for Wagon Repairs Limited. The points accessing the sidings were situated close to the Wooden Bridge, with the sidings extending approximately as far as the end of the land owned by the football ground. The three additional marshalling yard sidings were added at the south end of the bottom yard, equally spaced with the seven shown on the map.[1] The revised position of the Shunter's Cabin and the two Wagon Repairs Sidings can be seen on this OSOrdnance Survey map of 1955.

Wagon Repairs Limited was established in 1918. Its shareholders included a number of the large carriage and wagon building companies such as the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company. It had a number of depots around the country and would have been carrying out essential work during wartime[2].

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