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The Wolves branch claims "During Member's Day 2004 at Kidderminster Town the Branch handed over the custodianship of Hinton Manor to the SVRSevern Valley Railway Rolling Stock Trust (now SVRSevern Valley Railway Trust)." - - with pictures. The 'Hinton Manor Fund' is referenced in the article from SVRSevern Valley Railway News but seemingly the Wolves branch is correct?--Patrick Hearn (talk) 21:20, 6 January 2017 (UTC)

The quote about the locomotive having been "bought through the Hinton Manor Fund, with SVRSevern Valley Railway Company help" appears in the SVRSevern Valley Railway Stock Book and also in the Charitable Trust Hinton Manor Page. The SVRSevern Valley Railway Wolverhampton Branch was the major shareholder in the Hinton Manor Fund according to the notice of the EGM at which the handover was agreed. So I think it is correct to say that the ownership was transferred from the HMF to the Charitable Trust, but also correct to say that the Wolves Branch were acting as custodians in so doing.--Robin (talk) 22:19, 6 January 2017 (UTC)
Thank you. Page updated. --Patrick Hearn (talk) 23:46, 6 January 2017 (UTC)