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I don't have a definitive reference for the build details for 993876 that I've added; however Paul Bartlett's gallery includes various Sharks with numbers either side of 993876, all of which fall into the same BRCWBirmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company batch. Our other Shark 993898 was also part of that batch as per the RHR Wagon Survey. If anyone gets a chance to inspect the maker's plate and confirm this, it would be appreciated. --Robin (talk) 21:24, 1 April 2017 (UTC)

I saw on Facebook comments from Phil Swallow and ANOther that this van is air braked and has more modern roller bearings than the existing Shark, but I know nothing more I'm afraid--Patrick Hearn (talk) 11:27, 2 April 2017 (UTC)
Sister 993875 is numbered just before ours and is here Incidentally the SRPS van DB993771 "is based on an LMSR design [Oyster], which in turn was derived from a CR design". This is repeated on other railways' sites. There apparently is a book "BRBritish Rail or British Railways brake vans and ballast ploughs" ISBN 0 902 835 165 published by HMRS and written by Eric Gent