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Elan Valley Aqueduct

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==2014-15 Engineering work==
After crossing the aqueduct, the pipes run through a chamber underneath the railway. In the [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 2010-2019#2015 | winter of 2014-2015]] three of these pipes were replaced in a major project initiated by Severn Trent Water; this required the line to be lifted and replaced. The old pipes remained at the site for several years, but were finally lifted onto wagons by the [[Cowans Sheldon 30-ton steam crane RS 1087|30 Ton Steam Crane]] in April 2018 and moved to Highley. Photos of the move may be seen on the [ Bridgnorth Station website]. {{As of|20192020}} a short section is being restored, with the intention of display in [[The Engine House]].
File: Pipes_20150528.jpg | Some of the old pipes alongside the railway following replacement
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