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BR 94200 General Utility Van

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[[File:{{Infobox maroon carriage|image = BR_94200_20150307.jpg |thumb|300px|right| caption = BR General Utility Van 94200|construc = Pressed Steel|status = Static use|carno = 94200|othernos = 86207, W86207, 95360|designed = |diagram = 811|lot = 30417|cartype = [[:Category:Carriage Type GUV|GUV]]|seats = None|built = 1958|years1 = 2006|events1 = Preserved|years2 = |events2 = |years3 = |events3 = |years4 = |events4 = |years5 = |events5 = |years6 = |events6 = }}86105 is a BR Mark 1 General Utility Van (GUV) 94200 (originally numbered 86207) was . These vehicles were built by Pressed Steel in 1958for use on express passenger services as well as parcels and freight trains, and is equipped with commonwealth bogies. GUV’s are classified were classed as [[:Category:Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)|Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock]].The side doors allowed loading of containerised mail and parcels and newspapers. The GUVs were 'through piped' for use on steam heated services, although they were not themselves steam heated.<ref name=SVR>SVR Stock Book 9th Edition</ref>
==94200 in preservation and service==General Utility Van (GUV) 94200 (originally numbered 86207) was built by Pressed Steel in 1958, and is equipped with commonwealth bogies. It was bought with [[BR 94157 General Utility Van | 94157]] (earlier 86523) to keep parts secure for [[SR 34027 Taw Valley]].<ref>Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey</ref> Since the 2015 photograph, the carriage has received a repaint into maroon livery.
==SourcesSee also==*[[Carriages#BR Designed Coaches | List of carriages]] ==References==Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey<brreferences/>
*[ 94200 on]<br>
==See also==[[Carriages#BR Designed Coaches | List of carriages]]<br>: [[BR 94157 General Utility Van | Previous ]]<br>: [[BR 95194 General Utility Van | Next ]]{{CarriageNavbox}}
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