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BR 94200 General Utility Van

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|image = BR_94200_20150307BR_94200_20160921.jpg |caption = BR General Utility Van 94200in 2016
|construc = Pressed Steel
|status = Static use
==94200 in preservation and service==
General Utility Van (GUV) 94200 (originally numbered 86207) was built by Pressed Steel in 1958, and is equipped with commonwealth bogies. It was bought with [[BR 94157 General Utility Van | 94157]] (earlier 86523) to keep parts secure for [[SR 34027 Taw Valley]].<ref>Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey</ref> Since the 2015 photograph, the The carriage has received a repaint into maroon liverysince the March 2015 photograph below.<gallery>BR_94200_20150307.jpg|94200 in 2015</gallery>
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