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48773 (LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway 8233) was dedicated as a memorial on 27 September 1986
The ex-WH Smith bookstall, now Kidderminster sweet shop, opened on 27 September 1989
On September 27 in SVRSevern Valley Railway history.
  • 1969 Hauled by a BRBritish Rail or British Railways Brush Type 4The British Railways classification for diesel locomotives of 2000 bhp to 2999 bhp, 46443, 3205, Railcar 22 and 4 carriages travelled from Bridgnorth to the Birmingham Railway Museum at Tyseley for a special event.[1]
  • 1975 The SVRSevern Valley Railway’s first Enthusiasts' Day (the forerunner of the autumn Steam Gala) saw 11 locomotives in steam.[2]
  • 1980 The first passenger-hauling run on the main line for 43106 in preservation, standing in for 45593 'Kolhapur' on the Tyseley-Didcot steam route.[3]
  • 1986 LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway 8FThe British Railways system of classifying steam locomotives by power using a number from 0, least powerful, to 9, most powerful, followed by either F for freight, P for Passenger or MT for Mixed Traffic. 48773 was dedicated as a memorial to British military railway personnel who lost their lives on active service during the Second World War.[4] GWR Siphon 2926 was used as the exhibition vehicle for the ceremony, with its restoration still not quite complete.
  • 1989 A ceremony was held on Kidderminster station concourse to mark the opening of the ex-Manchester Victoria W H Smith Bookstall[5].
  • 2003 813 was exhibited at STEAM GWRGreat Western Railway Museum, Swindon.[6]
  • 2008 A Great Western (SVR) Association celebration train ran with the toplights and Siphon 1257.[7]
  • 2022 The SVRSevern Valley Railway hosted an incoming HST rail tour from Leeds to Bridgnorth, which took place to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Modern Railways magazine and 40 years of HSTs on CrossCountry's North East to South West route. While at the SVRSevern Valley Railway, CrossCountry power car 43366 was named "HST40" (sub-scripted with "Celebrating 40 years of High Speed Train services on the Cross Country network"), while GBRfGB Railfreight, a main line rail freight operating company. loco 66799 was named "Modern Railways Diamond Jubilee".

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