Kidderminster Station signal box (c.1882-1973)

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Not to be confused with the current Kidderminster signal box, which now bears its nameplate.

Kidderminster Station signal box was located at the Western End of the DownIn reference to the direction of travel means away from the major terminus (i.e. towards Bridgnorth on the present day SVR) (to Birmingham) platform on Kidderminster mainline station. It was built to a McKenzie & Holland design and open by 1882, and worked directly to Kidderminster Junction Signal Box until 15th July 1973 when it was closed and its area of control came under the Junction Box. Its frame, a 30-lever GWRGreat Western Railway 3-bar vertical tappet frame of 1913, was then transferred to the ex-LNWRLondon & North Western Railway box at Arley

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