GWR 2424 Fruit Van

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GWRGreat Western Railway 2424 Fruit Van
GWR 2424 20160806.jpg
GWRGreat Western Railway 2424 Fruit Van (2016)
Built By GWRGreat Western Railway Swindon
Status Static use
Number 2424
Other Numbers 79969, KDB975291
Built 1912
Diagram Y3
Lot 668
Type 4-w ventilated van
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code FRUIT C
Brakes DCIII Dual braked
1986 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
1988 Restored
2000 Overhauled

Goods Wagons

The brown livery of 10 ton 'Fruit C' No 2424 denotes it as " Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock", meaning that as it was fitted with vacuum brakes, it was allowed to run as part of a passenger train.


The wagon was built at Swindon circa 1911/12 to diagram Y3, lot 668[1] and was originally numbered 79969 in the Goods series, later renumbered 2424 in 'Brown vehicle' series in 1917.[2] It subsequently saw DepartmentalRolling stock used for the railway’s own functions (engineering etc.) rather than for general passenger or goods traffic. use as an S&TSignals & Telegraph store at Reading, numbered KDB97529.[3]


It was acquired in 1986 ex-BRBritish Rail or British Railways(W) Reading by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund, reaching the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 19 September.[4] Restoration, funded by the 813 Fund, began in late summer 1987. Initial work centred on repairs to the uprights onto which the planks are bolted, some of which had nearly rotted through. Difficulty in obtaining suitable "Tee" section steel to carry out repairs was overcome when it was discovered that Dave Penn's garden fence was supported by a piece of the correct section! Following on from the steelwork repairs, several end and roof planks were replaced.[5] The doors were strengthened footboards replaced, the roof recanvassed and the wagon repainted in chocolate livery. After restoration was completed during the winter it was initially despatched to Bridgnorth to be used as a store for boiler shop materials during construction of the new boiler shop.[6]

It was subsequently used as a store for components of GWR 813 during an overhaul. One door was damaged as a result of a break-in in a siding at Bewdley, after which an overhaul began in spring 1999.[7] The roof canvas was found to be damaged at either end, and a repair was carried out. Several side planks were also renewed, a job made more difficult by the wagon being fully loaded, preventing access to the planks concerned.[8] A complete new door was made by an outside contractor and fitted by The 2857 Society, in return for the use of part of the vehicle for storing parts from 2857 during its then current overhaul. Repainting into GWRGreat Western Railway 1920s 'brown livery' was also carried out, the work being completed in summer 2000.[9]

2424 is still owned by the 813 Fund and is generally used as a store, either at Kidderminster (as pictured) or Bridgnorth.

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