Eardington Bank

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Eardington Bank Summit

Eardington Bank is situated between Hampton Loade and Bridgnorth. Beginning at Sterns, the bank climbs for around 1½ miles, passing Hay Bridge, Eardington and Crossing Cottage to reach the summit, which is marked by a board on the right of the line travelling towards Bridgnorth. According to the board, the summit is at 210 feet above sea level (ASL).

The Gradient profile shows the whole climb to be at 1 in 100 apart from a brief respite of 1 in 200 passing Eardington.

For much of 2015 the area near the top of the bank was subject to a speed restriction pending re-sleepering of that section of line. Around ½ mile of track was relaid with continuously welded rail (CWR) over the winter of 2015-16.

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