Level crossing at Crossing Cottage

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Crossing Cottage and the level crossing, looking North.

A level crossing giving access to Crossing Cottage near the village of Eardington. In the image, 2010 Spring Gala visitor 61994 The Great Marquess is just yards away from the gated level crossing. Through road access is best done by Bridge 30.

The crossing was formerly manned, with the house having been built as a residence for a crossing keeper. It originally connected the Upper and Lower Forges, the presence of which also brought about the construction of Eardington Station in June 1868. On 17 March 1869 the GWRGreat Western Railway Board authorised repairs to the cottage, including whitewashing and papering, at a cost of £6.[1]

Despite being in a fairly remote location, the crossing formed part of the funerary route from the village of Eardington to the nearest church, located across the river in Quatford, accessed by a ferry[2]. The crossing keeper operated two signals, one in each direction, to indicate to approaching trains that the crossing was clear.

At a later date after the crossing was reduced from manned status, the house was the residence of the Eardington station master[2]. The cottage is now the home of two working SVRSevern Valley Railway members[3].

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