BR 997623 'Prawn' Bogie Bolster

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BRBritish Rail or British Railways 997623 'Prawn' Bogie Bolster
BR 997623 20150802.jpg
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Bogie Bolster 997623 in August 2015
Built By BRBritish Rail or British Railways Swindon
Status Operational
Number DB 997623
Built 1952
Diagram 1/471
Lot 2271
Type S&TSignals & Telegraph Bogie Bolster wagon
Capacity 30 tons
Telegraphic code PRAWN
Brakes Unfitted
1990 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway

Goods Wagons

DB 997623 is the SVRSevern Valley Railway’s only example of a “Prawn” bogie bolster. The type was based on the GWRGreat Western RailwayMacawGWR telegraphic code signifying a timber truck” bogie bolster, and was used by BRBritish Rail or British Railways’s Signal and Telegraph Department for the carrying of telegraph poles and signal posts.

Service and preservation

DB 997623 was built at Swindon in 1952 to BRBritish Rail or British Railways Diagram 1/471, Lot 2271. It was initially allocated to the Western region, lettered 'EMPTY TO READING'.[1]

It arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 14 December 1990 from Southall, then owned by Mr J J Smith.[2] It was initially unusable due to a rotten deck, but was redecked and repainted in 1992.[3]

DB 997623 is only 45 feet long, which limits its ability to carry rails compared to the SVRSevern Valley Railway's other 60' long bogie bolsters, 60841 & 996730

It was photographed at Bewdley in August 2015.

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