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Virtual Murder was a short-lived BBC investigative drama series broadcast in 1992, starring Nicholas Clay as psychology lecturer Dr John Cornelius and Kim Thomson as his partner, Samantha Valentine. Only 6 episodes were completed before the series was cancelled.[1]

Episode 2, “Last Train to Hell and Back” included scenes at the fictional “Empire Steam Preservation Railway” which were filmed on the SVRSevern Valley Railway. The opening titles featured 6960 Raveningham Hall running at night. In another night-time sequence filmed at Kidderminster, pannier tank 5764 was required to run over the "victim", a stuntman who leaped out of the way just in time, to the relief of the footplate crew! 42968 and The Great Marquess also took part in this sequence which can be seen around 16 minutes into ‘Part 2’ below.[2]

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Last Train to Hell and Back Part 1 on Youtube
Last Train to Hell and Back Part 2 on Youtube