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Lt. Commander H. C. C. Mossop VRD was SVRSevern Valley Railway General Manager between 1972 and 1976. He was also a Director of both the Severn Valley Railway Company (the Guarantee Company) and SVR(H).

Hugh Mossop was present at the naming ceremony of 45110 as 'RAF Biggin Hill' at Bridgnorth in September 1971.[1] In 1972 he succeeded Bill Gillett as a Director and General Manager of the Guarantee Company, under the chairmanship of Sir Gerald Nabarro.[1] He became Deputy Chairman of the Guarantee Company in 1973[2] and acting Chairman in early 1975 in succession to Richard Dunn.

With the formation of SVR(H) in 1972, Hugh Mossop also became General Manager of that company,[3] later also becoming a Director. He also chaired the company (1975-1976).

"General Manager's Notes" are now a feature of SVR News but under Hugh Mossop they appeared only occasionally and were mainly procedural instructions to members and volunteers. General information about the railway at that time was published as "Boardroom Notes" by another Director, normally David Mellor.

Hugh Mossop resigned as SVRSevern Valley Railway General Manager at a Board meeting on 31 January 1976. He was succeeded by Michael Draper.[4]

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