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1938 Ordnance Survey map showing a sand and gravel pit south of the Beet Sugar Factory

Thomas Vale & Sons' siding is listed in the RCHRailway Clearing House 1938 Handbook of Stations as having a business at Kidderminster accessed via the British Sugar Corporation sidings at Foley park.

Thomas Vale & Sons was established in Stourport in 1869[1] and still exists today as Thomas Vale Construction. They commenced construction of the sugar factory in 1925, for which a temporary siding was laid.[2]

T. Vale & Sons were listed in Kelly's Directory of 1936 as "gravel merchants, Oldington"[3].

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Railway Clearing House Handbook of Stations including Junctions, sidings, Collieries, Works &C. 1938


1:25000 Ordnance Survey map of Kidderminster on the National Library of Scotland web site