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BR Standard Class 7 70000 Britannia

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Initially 70000 was stored as a candidate for the National Railway Museum’s National Collection. However, due to her prototype design and construction differences, the NRM selected 70013 Oliver Cromwell, instead. Britannia was eventually bought by Britannia Locomotive Company Ltd.
Britannia arrived at the SVR in [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1970-1979#1971 | April 1971]] for restoration to be completed. This was achieved in [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1970-1979#1978 | May 1978]], 12 years, after the locomotive had last steamed. 70000 was renamed ‘Britannia’ at a ceremony on 20 May 1978 by Mr R A Riddles, the locomotive’s designer. However the locomotive saw minimal use on the SVR before departing onto the main line, as its weight of 94 tons and axle load of 20 tons 5cwt made it too heavy for the line at the time - in particular it was not allowed over Victoria Bridge with a full boiler<ref>The Severn Valley Railway, John Marshall (1989), p181.</ref>.
Britannia left the SVR in spring 1989. After a period of ownership by Pete Waterman, the locomotive was bought by Jeremy Hosking and was transferred to the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust <ref>[ Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust web page] Retrieved 25 February 2015.</ref>. As of February 2015 it is operated on the main line by Icons of Steam<ref>[ Icons of Steam] Retrieved 25 February 2015.</ref>.
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