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GWR 542 Horse Box (body only)

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}}'''GWR 4-wheeled horse box 542 ''' was built at Swindon in 1888 to Coach Diagram N4, Lot 437. It was condemned August 1930 and the body subsequently grounded on [[Highley]] platform.<ref>Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey</ref> It was still in situ when the line was bought by SVR in 1970. Since then it It has remained in place, since and is now used as a bookshop by the [[Highley#Highley_Station_Fund|Highley Station Fund]]. {{As of| In 2020}} the Presentation Committee is was exploring options for saving and possibly restoring it<ref>SVR News 211</ref>. Some preservation work has since been carried out as seen in the picture below.<gallery mode=packed heights=200px style="text-align:left">File:GW 542 20210604.jpg|Restoration in progress, June 2021 </gallery>
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