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'''The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady''' was a twelve part TV adaptation about an Edith Holden whose nature diary became a best seller. It starred Pippa Guard, Isabelle Amyesa and Brian Rawlinson and was first broadcast by Central Independent Television on 22 February 1984. A DVD is commercially available.
Holden (1871 – 1920) authored her Nature Notes for 1906, published in facsimile form as the book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady in 1977. These, and her life story, were later the subject of the dramatisation.
==Filming on the SVR==
It was partly filmed on the SVR using [[686 The Lady Armaghdale]] hauling [[Carriages formerly resident on the SVREx-Longmoor Saloons|Longmoor Saloons 7803, 7813 and 45021]] at [[Arley]] and between there and [[Highley]] in late 1983<ref>[ Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Trust website]</ref>.
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