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GWR 83831 Loco Coal Wagon

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83831 was acquired from there in 1985 by its present owners, [[The GWR 813 Preservation Fund]], arriving on the SVR in on 4 March of that year.<ref>SVR Stock Book 9th Edition</ref> It was initially in poor condition with rusty bodywork and damaged headstocks and buffer casings resulting from being used at the CEGB with broken buffer springs. It also had a lopsided appearance due to the two sides having different springs and tyres of different thickness.
83831 was totally rebuilt at Bewdley over the winter of 1985-1986 with the floor and platework being replaced and the various faults remedied. The seven month restoration was completed in June 1986. Despite its large capacity, it initially saw little use due to the difficulty of emptying it through its comparatively small side doors.<ref>SVR News 80 / 82</ref>
83831 is now principally used in the [[Demonstration Goods Train]].
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