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GWR 7284 Composite

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After passenger service, 7284 was later numbered 079156 and 99236. The former number signified Departmental Coaching stock within the Western Region that did not normally move or had its movements confined to a particular depot or yard. The latter number signifying hauled non-passenger carrying use and related to 7284’s inclusion in the Swindon GWR test train which was used for load testing of diesel locomotives.
The entire 9-coach test train was sold into preservation in 1969, with 7284 being bought for the SVR along with four Full Third (TK) carriages, arriving on 19 December. It was first restored in 1971 when owned by Mr Peter Waite. In the mid-1970s it was used as part of the [[The Severn Valley Railway on the main line#SVR Carriages used on the main line | GWR rake of carriages used on the main line]] as well as on the SVR itself. Now owned by [[Great Western (SVR) Assoc. | The Great Western (SVR) Association]], it is regularly used in [[Carriages#The carriage sets|set GW]] and is finished in GWR 1934-42 livery featuring the ‘shirt-button’ roundel.
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