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GWR 4936 Kinlet Hall

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==4936 Kinlet Hall in preservation==
Kinlet Hall left Barry in May 1981 as the 126th departure. After spells at Peak Rail, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway and Llangollen,<ref>The Barry Story, Martin Beckett, 2010</ref> restoration was finally completed at the Birmingham Railway Museum (now Tyseley Locomotive Works) in 2000. The locomotive was mainline certified in June 2000 and worked a ‘ten year ticket’.<ref name = "Kinlet" /> She appeared as a guest at the 2007 [[[Autumn Steam Gala]]]; as the line was only open between Kidderminster and Bewdley due to that summer’s [[2007 Storm Damage | storm damage]], Kinlet Hall and sister locomotive 4953 Pitchford Hall made a number of runs between Bewdley and Birmingham Snow Hill. In 2009, now out of mainline certification, Kinlet Hall spent the summer and autumn on hire to the SVR to cover for a locomotive shortage and also appeared at the Autumn Steam Gala.
After a further overhaul, Kinlet Hall was again mainline certified and returned to service in 2011.<ref name = "Kinlet" /> She arrived back on the SVR for a second period on hire in autumn of 2013. After appearing at the [[Autumn Steam Gala]] and working the [[Christmas services]], Kinlet Hall made a final appearance at the [[Spring Gala]] before moving on.
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