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BR 25771 Corridor Second

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25771 was built at Derby in 1961-2 to Diagram 146 (AA210), Lot 30685. In entered service as M25771 in the London Midland region in February 1962, being renumbered M18771 in August 1983.<ref>[[Bibliography#Other References|Longworth (2013)]] pp.144.</ref>
25771 arrived on the SVR in on 9 September 1986 1991 from London’s Old Oak Common, courtesy of [[The 75069 Fund]]. It was formerly part of the [[Carriages#Set_M|BR Maroon]] running set.
It spent some time in [[Carriage Repair Works|Kidderminster Carriage Works]], having been photographed there in 2007 for the Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey.
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