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WD 193 Shropshire

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After being declared surplus to requirements by the MOD, WD 193 was bought in June 1971 for use on the SVR. Following a re-paint into a dark green livery while still at Long Marston, 193 was moved to the SVR, arriving on 7 August 1971.<ref name=SB5/> The locomotive was in almost good mechanical order but was initially beset by priming due to the grease used to preserve the boiler. The opportunity was taken to equip the locomotive for steam heating so that it could be used on winter services.<ref>SVR News 21</ref>
With the SVR only operating between Bridgnorth and Hampton Loade, WD 193 initially saw regular service, with 5 carriages being a typical load. On the weekend of 23-24 December 1973, WD 193 hauled the SVR's first [[Christmas services|"Santa Claus" specials]]; reduced to 3 carriages and using steam heating. The first Boxing Day service also took place in that year.<ref>SVR News 29, 31, 32</ref>
Following the opening to Bewdley in 1974, WD 193’s limited water capacity became a factor. It was used mainly on the Hampton Loade "shuttles" and lightly loaded mid-week trains, serving as a standby locomotive for full line services between Bridgnorth and Bewdley.<ref>SVR News 34</ref> In winter 1974-75 it was kept serviceable for works trains and for the Christmas services, which it again worked single-handed. During the winter a new point was installed at the southern end of Bridgnorth yard, on which WD 193 was promptly derailed on the first day of the 1975 season!<ref>SVR News 35</ref>
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