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GNR 2701 Composite Corridor

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additional info and history
|construc = GNR Doncaster
|status = Operational
|carno = 2701|othernos = LNER : 2701N, 42701 <br>BR : E42701, E42701E, Camping Coach 157CC157,<br>DE321089, 041593
|designed = Gresley
|diagram = 164K
|years6 =
|events6 =
}}GNR 2701 was designed by Nigel (later Sir Nigel) Gresley and built at Doncaster in August 1922 to Diagram 164K as one of a batch of ten ‘Vestibule Composite’ carriages to Diagram 164K(the LNER generally used the term ‘Vestibule’ when describing corridor stock).<ref name=Longworth175>[[Bibliography#Other References|Longworth (2018)]] p.175. </ref> It is a Corridor Composite (CK), seating 21 first class passengers in three and a half compartments and 24 in four third class compartments. It is the oldest of the 'Gresley Teaks' on the SVR, being the only one built before the LNER came into being in the 1923 grouping.
==GNR 2701 in service==
The carriage was involved in a collision at Retford during its first year of use, but survived and was returned to become service.<ref name=LNERSVR>LNER No (SVR) Coach Fund</ref> While in passenger-carrying service it was renumbered on a number of occasions. On grouping in 1923, the newly created LNER initially allocated a suffix to each carriage number based on the area of origin and accordingly 2701 became '''2701N'''. This system proved unsatisfactory and in April 1925 the suffix was replaced by a numeric prefix, with 4 being the Great Northern section, resulting in a new number of '''42701'''. On Nationalisation in 1947 BR in turn allocated a regional prefix to its newly inherited carriage fleet based on the area of origin with E being the Eastern Region, resulting in '''E42701'''. Finally the introduction of the BR Mk 1 stock in the early 1950s saw all carriages given a regional prefix to indicate the area to which the carriage was allocated (with E again being the Eastern region) and BR the letter denoting the pre-Nationalisation area of origin becoming a suffix, resulting in the final number of '''E42701E'''. <ref name=Longworth175/> It remained in passenger carrying service until 1958 when, together with sister carriage No 69, it was converted at Stratford to a camping coach , renumbered '''CC157''', and stationed at Mundsley until closure in 1964. Following It was then transferred into Departmental stock to be used as a Divisional Engineer Messing and Sleeping Coach for which it was given the number '''DE321089'''. transfer to departmental Finally it was transferred into Internal User stock its as number '''041593''', serving as a CCE Staff and Workshop coach.<ref>[[Bibliography#Other References|Longworth (2018)]] pp. 368, 474, 476.</ref> Its long and varied career on "The Big Railway" ended c1980 at Boston serving as the painter's bothy.
==GNR 2701 in preservation==
Trustworthy, administrator

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