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The [[Bewdley Down Yard|yard]] at Bewdley is home to the [[Bewdley Carriage & Wagon Department | Carriage and Wagon department]] which supplements the [[Carriage Repair Works | Carriage Repair Department]] at Kidderminster and maintains the fleet of goods wagons. [[The 4150 Fund]] are also restoring GWR locomotive [[GWR Large Prairie 4150 | 4150]] in Bewdley yard. Public access to the yard is available during the annual [[Open House Weekend]] and the [[Peep Behind the Scenes]] event, organised by the 4150 Fund.
[[Bewdley MPD]] is home to the [[Class 108 DMU]]. Other operational locomotives are also stabled at Bewdley, running light engine to Kidderminster at the start and end of each day as required. On certain Gala days a DMU shuttle service is operated between [[Stourport Triangle]], Bewdley and the short remaining length of former [[Tenbury Branch]] track immediately north of Bewdley to recreate the feel of a country junction station.
Bewdley Platform 1 is home to the Volunteer Liaison Office.
====Booking hall====
The booking hall had been ‘modernised’ by BR with tall ticket windows and plywood facing. The plywood was removed in winter 1980-81 to reveal the original GWR panelling. At the same time the smaller windows were reinstated and fitted with brass wired grids acquired from the old Birmingham Snow Hill station. The balustrades in front of the windows also came from Snow Hill<ref>SVR News 59</ref>.
====Phone box====
The phone box outside the station is an example of the K4 type, introduced in 1930. The K4, nicknamed the Vermillion Giant, was a combined telephone and post box. Only 50 were ever produced.<ref>[]</ref>
==== Footbridge ====
A covered wooden footbridge at the northern end of the station allows access between Platform 1 and Platforms 2&3. It is numbered bridge 10.
==== Water towers ====
Two water towers at the southern end of Platforms 2&3 and in the MPD area allow watering of locomotives. The tower on the island platform is of GWR origin and was recovered from Stow Heath yard, Bilston in 1969. The tower next to the MPD is of LNWR origin and was retrieved from Hadley, near Wellington, in October 1972<ref>SVR News 29</ref>. Both columns were installed during the winter of 1973-74<ref>SVR News 31</ref>. Unlike at Bridgnorth and Kidderminster, the water supply at Bewdley is not specially treated, and so the columns are only used on rare occasions such as galas.
==== Island platform canopy ====
Platforms 2 and 3 share a canopy, built in 1878, giving passengers protection from the weather. The canopy, featuring timber frames on cast iron pillars was extended around 1900 with the new section supported on steel frames.
==== Platform Clock clock ==== 
The double-faced clock under the island platform canopy was built for the GWR by Kays of Worcester in the late 19th or early 20th century. It was used at nearby Stourbridge Junction until 1977 when, no longer required by BR, it was acquired by staff from [[Arley]] station. It worked until 1998, but then underwent a year-long overhaul, being re-commissioned on 10 April 1999<ref>SVR News 130</ref>.
==== Gent's urinal ====
An open roofed cast iron gentlemen's urinal is located on Platforms 2 and 3 on the site of the original urinal which was built in 1896. The replacement was relocated from Melrose in Scotland by SVR volunteers and formally opened in [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1970-1979#1977 | September 1977]]. See 'Links' below for two copyrighted images of the urinal at Melrose.
==== Portable water tank ====
A portable water tank with hand powered pump was used for the refilling of carriage water tanks.
====Token catcher====
The token catcher opposite Bewdley North signal box was originally located opposite Bewdley South signal box, where it could be used by locomotives on the former [[Stourport Branch]]. It was moved to its present location during the 1974-75 close season<ref>SVR News 36</ref>. It is not currently in use, tokens instead being exchanged by hand.
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