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The Eardington Explorer

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The Eardington Explorer was a special train organised by the [[The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust|82045 Steam Locomotive Trust]] that ran on 17 April, 2015, with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of [[82045]]'s boiler. It ran between [[Bridgnorth]] and [[Hampton Loade]], calling specially at disused [[Eardington]], performing two round trips<ref>[http SVR-Online Forum]</ref><ref>[ 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust website]</ref>. The train consisted of locomotive [[1450]] and GWR Toplight coaches [[GWR 9055 Nondescript Saloon|9055]], [[GWR 3930 Full Third|3930]], and [[GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon|9369]]. Tickets for the event were priced at £19.65, to commemorate the [[Severn_Valley_Railway_Timeline_2010-2019#2015|50th anniversary of the SVR in preservation]].
This was repeated on 22 April 2016 in aid of 82045's 'The Motion Appeal' <ref>[http SVR-Online Forum]</ref>
It was not possible for this event to take place in its normal April time slot in 2017 and the trust endeavoured to find a suitable replacement mid June - July evening 2017, but in the event the train did not run.<ref>[http SVR-Online Forum]</ref>.
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