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Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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Support: Updated appeal totals
*The Charitable Trust funds most of the costs of the SVR’s Heritage Skills Training Academy and team of apprentices.
*Income from its endowment Future Fund will allow sustainable investment on the Railway in the years to come. Donations to the Future Fund are being matched, pound for pound, by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of up to £500,000 until June 2017. {{As of|2017|23}} donations have reached £425£435,000,<ref>SVRLive Charitable Trust page, 23 February 16 March 2017</ref>
*A rolling stock fundraising and restoration project for [[GWR 17410 'Toad' 20T Goods Brake Van | GWR Toad van 17410]] is now underway, in collaboration with the [[The LNER Carriage Group | LNER Carriage Group]]. {{As of|2017|2}} donations have reached £4,000,<ref>SVRLive 'GWR Toad van 17410' page, 23 February 2017</ref>
*In May 2016, the Trust secured a grant of £75,000 from the Department for Transport towards a project which will transform the Railway’s facilities for disabled visitors by adapting a carriage to wheelchair use to complete the SVR’s fleet of accessible carriages, and rebuilding a second carriage to provide wheelchair-accessible dining facilities.
*The Charitable Trust is supporting the SVR’s ambitious Bridgnorth Development Project. {{As of|2017|23}} donations have reached £28£30,000,<ref>SVRLive 'Bridgnorth development' page, 23 February 2017</ref>
*The Trust supports the diesel groups' appeal seeking to improve facilities at the [[Diesel Depot |Kidderminster Diesel Depot]] which opened in June 2016.<ref>[ Diesel Leaflet]</ref>
*It works with supporters to ensure their wishes are kept when they decide to leave a final legacy to the Railway in their Will.
Previous support included:
*It secured an HLF grant of £95,000 towards the restoration of [[GWR 4930 Hagley Hall | 4930 Hagley Hall]] .
*The Trust has worked closely with volunteers from the [[The LNER Carriage Group | LNER Carriage Group]] to raise funds for and in conjunction with Carriage & Wagon to complete the final restoration work on three Gresley teak carriages ([[LNER 7960Kitchen Composite|Kitchen Composite 7960]], [[LNER 24506 Brake Third|Brake Third 24506]] and [[LNER 52255 Open Third|Open Third 52255]].) These were splendidly showcased when Flying Scotsman visited the SVR in September 2016.
*It contributed to the annual track re-laying work that took place in 2016 between Eardington and Bridgnorth.
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