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47383 at Highley

The Manchester Rail Travel Society owns LMS Jinty 47383.


In mid-1966 three Manchester-based enthusiasts, Peter Blunn, Frank Cronin and Bernard Crick, set out to acquire a Midland Railway 2441 Class 'Jinty' of 1899 vintage. However the last examples had been withdrawn from service and sold for scrap before they could raise the purchase price. The three formed the Manchester Rail Travel Society (MRTS) and set out to acquire a more modern FowlerHenry Fowler, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the Midland Railway 1909-1923, and of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway 1923-1933 Jinty, the LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway standard shunting tank locomotive of 1924 design instead.[1].

An agreement to acquire 47383 from BRBritish Rail or British Railways was reached in November 1966 (the locomotive was part of a 'package deal' negotiated by the ARPSAssociation of Railway Preservation Societies which also included BRBritish Rail or British Railways 4MTThe British Railways system of classifying steam locomotives by power using a number from 0, least powerful, to 9, most powerful, followed by either F for freight, P for Passenger or MT for Mixed Traffic. 75029, 34023 Blackmoor Vale, 35028 Clan Line and WorsdellThomas William Worsdell, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the Great Eastern Railway 1881-1885 and North Eastern Railway 1885-1890 J27 65894).[1] To raise funds, the MRTS promoted a number of 'end of steam' rail tours, and also co-promoted four rail tours in conjunction with the emergent Severn Valley Railway Society.[2] Two of the joint rail tours in 1968 were partly hauled by LMS Stanier 8F 48773, then still a BRBritish Rail or British Railways-owned locomotive.[3] One tour also featured future SVRSevern Valley Railway 'Black Five' 45110. Mainly as a result of this relationship, the SVRSevern Valley Railway was to become the locomotive's new home in preservation. It arrived at Bridgnorth by road on 3 May 1968, becoming the 5th locomotive to join the SVRSevern Valley Railway, some two years before the SVRSevern Valley Railway's official opening.[1][2]

On 26 November 2016 the surviving MRTS headboard was used on Frank Cronin's final driving turn before his retirement from the footplate.[4]

The Society has no website, social media or other public image.

List of rail tours organised by the MRTS

The following rail tours were organised by the MRTS. Links are included to tour details on Six Bells Junction.

Date Tour name Route (steam only) Notes Web SVRSevern Valley Railway News
12 November 1966 Three Counties Special Round tour from Manchester 5 steam locos used including 47383 double headed. SBJ
25 March 1967 Hants & Dorset Branch Flyer Round tour from Southampton 4 steam locos used. SBJ
28 October 1967 Preservation Special Round tour from Stockport MRTS/SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society, 4 steam locos used. SBJ
25 November 1967 Lancs & Yorks Rambler / Mancunian Round tour from Leeds 60019 Bittern SBJ
20 April 1968 North West Tour Stockport - Liverpool MRTS/SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society, 6 steam locos used.
45110 worked Stockport to Stalybridge double headed.
48773 worked Bolton-Stockport.
27 April 1968 North West Tour Stockport - Liverpool SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society/MRTS, 6 steam locos used. SBJ
28 July 1968 Farewell to B.R.British Rail or British Railways Steam Round tour from Manchester Vic. SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society/MTRS, 6 steam locos used.
48773 worked Rose Grove to Manchester via Copy Pit

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