January 31

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Victoria Bridge
On January 31 in SVRSevern Valley Railway history.
  • 1862 The first full length working of the newly opened Severn Valley Railway took place. Public services began the following day.[1]
  • 1969 Alveley Colliery closed. Although the SVRSevern Valley Railway had yet to buy the line from Bridgnorth, it confirmed an interest in also buying the now unused southern section to Bewdley.[2]
  • 1976 Hugh Mossop resigned as SVRSevern Valley Railway General Manager and was succeeded by Michael Draper, initially as Acting General Manager.
  • 1983 The SVRSevern Valley Railway was presented with the 'Best Preserved Station Competition 1982' award for Highley Station by Sir Peter Parker.[3]
  • 1994 A contract began to refurbish Victoria Bridge. The first four-week phase comprised replacing the ends of the original wrought iron beams with new steelwork.[4]
  • 1998 2968 and 7325 took the Inclined Salopian railtour from Gloucester to Bescot via Lickey.[5]
  • 2019 Partial rebuilding of the platform face at Eardington was completed, giving the station a full length working platform for the first time since 1984.

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